History and Religion

Ethnicity And Politics in south Africa
Saving for Economics Recovery in Africa
Thabo Mbeki’s World, The Politics and Ideology of South African President
Mau Mau From Below, Eastern African Studies
African Film, Re imaging Continent
Individual Freedom & State Security in African Context
Ethiopia Since The Dreg
Peace Dialogue on Eritrea – Prospects and Problems Today
Africa Reinventing
Africa Since 1800
Human Settlements in Arab Countries
South Africa- The Land of Mandela
Beyond Economics Liberalization in Africa
Africa the History of Continent
Writing African Woman
Culture , Structure & Financial Research in The Sudan
Weizmann & Smuts
Capacity Building For Reforming African Power Sector
Looking Back Reach Forward- Reflection on The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa
No short cut to Power
The Ordeal of the African Writer
People on The Edge in The Horn
Freedom Unfinished Shed
Continent of Mothers content of Hope
Non Lethal Weapons
Primitive rebels or Revolutionary Modernizers
The Free Trade Adventure
Pioneers of Change in Ethiopia
To Wash an A Ethiopia White
Counter Revolution in Egypt Countryside
A new Democracy
Government By The Gun
Neo – Liberalism or Democracy
Nationalism and Identity
Governing Insecurity
Three Days in Moscow
The Theory and Practice of Modern Government
Working on The Margins
Access Denied _ Palestinian Land Rights in Israel
Contemporary British Politics An Introduction
Development in Soviet Politics
From The Outside Looking In
The Crisis in The Historical Materialism
There is An Alternative
The Rumor of Calcutta
Contemporary west African States
African Studies in Africa
A short History of Middle East
WTO: The Doha Agenda – The New Negotiations an World Trade
Dangerous Alliances
Structural Adjustment & Adjusts The African Farmer
Martyrs .Traitors and Patriots
Mahatma Gandhi & Jawaharlal Nehru
Somalia Economy without State
African Theater Women
The Real World of NGOS
Political Armies
The World Trade Organization
Revolution and Religion in Ethiopia
Journal of African Marxists
Jordon The United States and The Middle East Peace process
Secrets from Beyond The Pyramids
Carnegie corporation and Africa 1935-1973
Mannerism in Arabic Poetry – Stefan Sperl
Red Shift Alan Garner
Transformations in Slavery A history of Slavery in Africa
Silent Soldier the man behind the Afghan Jhad
Bibliography on Sudan International
Southern Sudan and The Making
The Rise of The Bricks in Africa
Indira Gandhi
Religion & Politics in East Africa
The rough guide to Morocco
Discovering Russia People & Places
African the History of Continent
Culture Transformation and Human Rights in Africa
Collision of Altars
Christianity A living Faith
The Mercy of Quran & The Advent of Zaman
Critical Theory Textual Application
God’s Caliph Religious authority in the centuries
Campling in Islam
The Ideal Prophet – The Khwaja Kamal
The Super Muslim Council
Dominique Lapierre Larry Collins Jerusalem
Christianity A midst A apartheid
The New English guide into The Islamic Religion
A history of Modern Ethiopia 1855 – 1991
How to live in Britain
Recent History of The Labor Movement in United States 1918 -1939
Europe : Problems and Prospects
Staples on Back Duty
A short History of the USSR
Canada USA
A modern History of Somalia
Us Policy In Latin America Post War To Present
Brass Rubbring
Mastering Modem British History
Analyzing marx, Morality , power and history
Bayreuth City Guide
Britain in The modern world the Twentith Century
A people and A nation a History of The united states
Europe Integration
Mosque Libraries and historical Study
A history of Modern France
History of The Arabs in The Sudan
A taste of Scotland – In Food and Pictures
Some Document from Eighteenth – Century Sinnar
Revolution & Reforms in World History
Wars & Peace in the 20th Century
Modern Sudan
Official History of The Sudan Campaign